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Bristol 45 Diner: Our Beginning

The Nelson FamilyOur location has been a restaurant for more than 60 years, but the Bristol 45 Diner first opened its doors as of May, 2008. Through a Kenosha News feature story and the gracious words of our loyal supporters, the diner's popularity spread quickly.

Owners Glen and Tricia Nelson initially bought the building with the intention of remodeling and leasing it to a restaurant entrepreneur. Early on, that direction changed course! Instead, they partnered with Jesus Villalobas who, with his many years of restaurant experience, now spearheads the food end of the business. Glen and Tricia manage the "front end" and marketing of the Bristol 45 Diner.

Additional contributors to our beginning include George and Judy Hockney, Tricia's parents. They came up with the 1950s theme, helped during the building process and continue to organize promotional events. Kevin Sampica lent his expertise in the design and layout of the diner. Tim Wolcott, owner of Wolcott Builders, did a great job constructing the building and assisting in the design. A special thank you goes out to the Town of Bristol for its warm reception.

Family fun at Bristol 45 DinerA Fun, Family Restaurant

The theme of the Bristol 45 Diner appeals to all ages. Younger generations love the bright colors and fun atmosphere, while the vintage pictures and other nostalgia reach out to those who remember "those fabulous fifties." The red and silver zodiac booths, boomerang tables, black and white tile, and the infamous soda counter provide a unique experience for all ages. Fifties music plays in the background while you converse, reminisce and enjoy our wonderful food!

The number "45" is the common denominator between our location and décor. The diner is located on Highway 45, a well-traveled county highway. It also is used throughout the diner with our display of 45 records which were so popular in the 50s.


Special Events at the Diner

In 2008, the diner hosted several special events including monthly spring/summer car shows. All types of classic cars lined up in the park adjacent to the diner. This year, the car shows will be held twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, weather permitting.Car Show 2008

This year, we will also host a motorcycle ride in. More information will be posted soon.

In addition, the Lone Ranger drops by on occasion to hand out silver bullets, take pictures and sign autographs. John Van Thiel, the "Voice of Elvis," often packs the house to entertain people of all ages.

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